EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN Dr. Shinichi Suzuki theorized that all children learn to speak their "mother tongue" through listening, imitation, repetition and encouragement. He developed a ‘mother tongue’ approach to teaching music. The Suzuki method is inspired by the belief that every child can play an instrument when given the opportunity to develop with love and patience. AN EARLY START Ideally, music education begins at birth. Babies can begin to observe lessons as young as a few months old. When a child actually begins to play an instrument depends upon the individual child. Some are ready at three, while others are ready at five. It is never too late to begin. PARENT INVOLVEMENT
The Suzuki approach depends upon parents and teachers to develop a loving and enthusiastic environment where children can learn naturally. A parent should attend every lesson and direct the practice at home until the teacher determines a sufficient level of independence has been achieved by the student. The parent is the teacher’s helper seven days a week and is given careful instructions at the individual lesson on how to guide the child’s practice and incorporate the points stressed at the lesson and workshops.